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Balmain: is Mc Hammer the new Creative Director?

             I am so glad to finally read an honest review about Balmain AW13 (Jessica Michault for Nowfashion). I could not believe other respected fashion authorities fail to mention (or recognize) this looks dated and is a too literal interpretation of the 80's. I don't see in which universe of the present time this is a good collection. Yes, the fabrics might have been exquisite and the execution impeccable (c'mon, Rousteing has the finest ateliers at his service duh!) but I don't see these clothes going anywhere other than a delorian ride with Marty McFly back to 1986. I couldn't help but wonder if the soundtrack was "Can't Touch This" (a 1990 song, but still) and if McHammer would take the bow at the end of the show. It's obvious that Rousteing is far too young to remember the 80s, otherwise he would have know better than to bring back the Thriller times of Michael Jackson.

Runway images:

Evolution of a Trend: STUDS

Las tachas o remaches están por todos lados. El elemento decorativo por excelencia del punk, aunque siempre va y viene, ha cobrado especial fuerza este año. Aquí una explicación muy breve de su origen y cómo llega a nuestros armarios.