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Band of Sisters

La guerra, la religión y el circo son temas que están presentes constantemente en el arte, la moda y la vida. En esta oportunidad, el camuflaje está reapareciendo una vez más en las pasarelas y  llegando rápidamente a las tiendas low-end más populares. Tal vez perderá vigencia el día que el mundo deje de estar en guerra.

War, religion and the circus are recurring themes in art, fashion and life itself. This time around camouflage prints have been popping up on the runways (again) and quickly making their way into the most popular low-end stores. Perhaps this trend will loose it's hype the day the world is no longer at war.  Christopher Kane available at 


Trends: Doctor Bags

Desde luego estos bolsos no llevan estetoscopios ni medicinas, pero conservan la funcionalidad de los clásicos maletines médicos que en algún momento las inspiraron. La doctor bag es una cartera clásica por excelencia que trasciende épocas y temporadas, en sus distintos colores y versiones curará el mal gusto de más de una.

Doctor Bags

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Autumn/Winter 2013: Burton's Religious Experience

       In January it was announced that the Alexander McQueen show would be cancelled and a small presentation would take place instead, since creative director Sarah Burton is nine months pregnant with twins. This could very much explain why only ten looks were shown; and, taking into account the incredible craftiness and exquisite details of the collection this might as well have been an Haute Couture showing.
            It was pure ceremonial splendor, a majestic interpretation of ecclesiastic wear with a nod to Elizabethan times: rich white lace, pearl embroidered bodices and hoop skirts. Models' necks were wrapped in gorgets while diamond-patterned gilded cages enclosed their heads (they sort of reminded me of Fabergé eggs).
          While some of Burton's religious frocks looked by no means sinless, like the black short embroidered dresses paired with pearl-studded fishnets, for instance; they added up to the drama in contrast to the more angelical, lavish gold embroidered corsets with voluminous white skirts and ornate ruffs. Darkness and light, the pure and the the impure, lustfulness and innocence, were always part of the Lee's complex dialectic.
              Burton has not only summed up McQueen's heritage beautifully into a succinct, yet magnificent collection; like her mentor, she has evidenced once again her incredible ability for showmanship.

Evolution of a Trend: STUDS

Las tachas o remaches están por todos lados. El elemento decorativo por excelencia del punk, aunque siempre va y viene, ha cobrado especial fuerza este año. Aquí una explicación muy breve de su origen y cómo llega a nuestros armarios.  

TRENDS: Dress Your Eyes in Color

This summer be sure to get a pair of shades in a pretty-colored frame, take your pick from brights, pastels or primaries for the sunny days ahead.

Complimentary color shades at Balenciaga