Not So Plain Jane for #NOFILTER Magazine

 Photography: Laura Cammarata   @Laura_Cammarata - Styling: Graciela Martin @descosido_
Makeup: Virginia Bertolani @virginiamua - Hair: Shouichi Nakamichi 
Model: Sophia Goslitski at Elite Models London - Photographic assistance: Claudia Guariglia - 
Styling assistance: Flavia Souza, Viviana Attard

#NOFILTER is a London based magazine by a team of young creatives who believe that the magazine market is inundated with publications that perpetuate an image and understanding of women that we no longer identify with.
#NOFILTER is a publication that works to remove the expectations that surround us on how we should act as women, but rather is aimed at empowering women to be happy with who they are now.

3000 Copies were distributed all over the English capital at prominent locations like Oxford Circus, Portobello Market, Brick Lane, Picadilly Circus, Regent Street, Dalston and Notting Hill. 

#NOFILTER celebrates women as they are and not how they are perceived to be.
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